Selens Matte Cinefoil 30cmx3.8meters

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Selens Matte Cinefoil 30cmx3.8meters

Selens Matte Cinefoil 30cmx3.8meters This foil isn’t super heavy, but still robust enough to hold it’s shape, especially if you put some strategic creases in it.

【Precise Light Control】

The double-sided matte black aluminum foil paper is perfect for controlling light, allowing you to achieve your ideal lighting effortlessly. The black matte surface does not reflect light, which reduces reflections and glare, making it easier to control lighting.

【Arbitrary Plasticity】

This product is only 0.1mm-thick aluminum substrate with just the right thickness. It is malleable enough to shape as needed and maintain its desired shape.

【Diverse Lighting Effects】

Our foil paper enables you to create a wide range of lighting effects for your photography. You can use it as a background, shape it, or in combination with other materials to achieve the desired effect.

【Reusable and Durable】

Photofoil is waterproof, heat-resistant and odorless. Reuse it many times and used with high-power lamps for a long time. This helps to save costs and reduce waste, which is a cost-effective choice for your photography.

【Convenient Storage and Portability】

Folding and storing in a bag or toolbox, making it convenient to carry. When you need it, simply take it out, shape it as desired, and start creating!

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Selens Matte Cinefoil 30cmx3.8meters

Selens Matte Cinefoil 30cmx3.8meters

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