Godox SA17 Projection Kit

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Godox SA17 Projection Kit

Godox SA17 Projection Kit Bowens Mount Adapter with SA-P Projection Attachment, SA-06 Iris, SA-09-001/002/003 GOBO Kit, SA-10 Holder, SA-07 Framing Shutter, SA-11C/SA-11T LED Gel Kit Video light.

With the Godox SA-17 adapter, your Bowens Mount LED lights now have access to the headlight shaping experience of the SA-P projection attachment: lens, Gobos, Lris etc. With this combination you can overcontrol your lighting for both video and photography by painting light with detail brushes instead of paint rollers.

  • It uses the SA-P projection attachment and other extensive accessories to create creative lighting effects. Can not only replace different lenses, but also add different light shaping accessories, such as the colour and create different atmospheres.
  • With designed Bowens mount, suitable for studio flash monolight LED light with any Bowens mount LED light, such as Godox VL150 VL200 VL300 UL150 SL-150WII SL-200WII FV150 FV200 SL-150W SL200W SL-20W SL-20W SL20W SL-200W SL-20W SL-150W SL-20W SL-150W SL-20W SL-L-60W and Other Bowens Mount LED Light
  • With the SA-P projection attachment, you can not only insert interchangeable lenses for focusing, but also insert different light shapers. You can choose SA lenses to focus with the options of three fixed focal length lenses – from wide angle to tele. Each lens features precise focus, smooth control and solid reliability to deliver unbeatable printing performance. High-quality optical lenses ensure no distortion.

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Godox SA17 Projection KitGodox SA17 Projection KitGodox SA17 Projection KitGodox SA17 Projection KitGodox SA17 Projection Kit


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Godox SA17 Projection Kit

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