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    • 24.000 BHD

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      Key Features
      – Accessories Attach Magnetically
      – 1 x Diffuser Dome
      – 3 x Warming Filters, 1 x Filter Holder
      – 1 x Green Filter, 1 x Honeycomb Grid
      – 1 x Snoot, 1 x Four-Way Barndoor Set
      – 1 x Bounce Card w/ Frame, 1 x Wide Lens

    • 9.500 BHD

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      Godox AK-R16 + Colour Filters Godox AK-R16 + Colour Filters with Magnetic Mount Diffuser Plate with (V-11C V11C Color Effect Gel Set for Godox V1 Series Flash Light Speedlite) and AD100pro All colour filters are chosen from German Q Max, the kit comes with 15 colour filters, by adding this […]

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      17.500 BHD

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      LensGo D235 Speedlite Kit

    • Selen 19cm Octa Softbox for speedlitesSelen 19cm Octa Softbox for speedlites
      2.500 BHD

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      Selen 19cm Octa Softbox for speedlites Selen 19cm Octa Softbox for speedlites can diffuse and soften the light, Eliminate red eye and reduce harsh shadows and the harsh glare spots from flash to provide natural and sweet pictures. Product Description Some times a little softbox will do the job. This […]