Manfrotto 468MG Ball Head

50.000 BHD

Key Features

– Hydrostatic locking mechanism.
– Made of magnesium alloy to ensure lightness.
– Friction control to match the settings with equipment.
– Pan 360° and -90° +90° lateral tilt.
– Camera plate with 1/4” male thread.

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Manfrotto 468MG Ball Head

The 468MG Hydrostatic Ball head is the most advanced ball head of the entire Manfrotto range. Designed to meet the demand of professional photographers for a lightweight, but heavy duty load capacity ball head. Intended for camera and lens loads of up to 16 kg, this head has a magnesium die cast body, a 5cm PTFE coated aluminum ball combined with specially designed tension surfaces provides movements as smooth as silk. The oversized lock knobs combined with the patent pending hydraulic locking mechanism provides the ultimate positive lock with the least amount of effort. Truly an engineering marvel.


1 Bubble Level

The built-in, carefully hand-set bubble spirit level helps make sure your horizons really are horizontal.

222-322 Ball Friction

Separate control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked. The position of the red line indicates the approximate amount of friction applied.

Carrying Handle

Included carrying handle makes the tripod more comfortable to transport and stays conveniently and unobtrusively attached during use

Separate Lock Each Axis

With a separate lock on each axis of movement, this head can be precisely adjusted, and panning/tracking can be achieved on any axis

Sturdy All-Metal Construction

Double 90° Groove

The double 90° groove (one on each side of the head) means switching from landscape to portrait is convenient however you’re set up


Ergonomic and easy to use

Weight-Saving Construction

Materials, design and construction techniques have been carefully selected to help save weight without sacrificing stability or strength

Wing-Nut Leg Locks

Wing nut leg locks are slightly slower to use than “Quick Action” flip lever leg locks, but give total control over locking force and are so easy to service out in the field that they’ll never let you down.

Hydrostatic Locking Mechanism

The Hydrostat ball locking system is based on a chamber containing fluid, which, when pressurized by the tightening of the lock knob, exerts an even locking force on the ball. The evenness of the force applied by this system compared to the traditional mechanical blocking technique is what gives this head its remarkable load capacity. The Hydrostat system also reduces framing deviation during blocking for greater accuracy.

Manfrotto World First

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 40 cm

Manfrotto 468MG Ball Head

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