COMAN DF16L Aluminium Tripod with Q5S Videohead

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COMAN DF16L Alu Tripod with Q5S Videohead

The DF16L by Coman is a two-stage video tripod. It comes with the Coman Q5S Videohead. The tripod is made of valuable aluminium.
It is perfect for shooting with DSLR and small video cameras. With a weight of 3.8kg it is very lightweight but nevertheless stable.
The max height is 1.89m. The 3 sections are fixed convenient by a quick release fastener. Slide-resistant rubberized feets provide sure and stable work.
For more comfort the tripod could be collapsed to a transport length of 89cm. With a soft bag, that is included it could be transported secure and easily.
The Q5 videohead is part of the box.

The 3/8“ screw socket makes it easy to mount the Q5 to the tripod. The built-in damping and dynamic balancing system make the ballhead running smoothness.
It enables you to control and operate your camera works easy. Tilt is adjustable between +90° and -70°.
It is suited for 360° panorama. The included quick release plate is compatible with the Manfrotto 501 Quickrelease-System.
The Coman DF16L got a maximum Load of 8kg.

Video tripod incl Q5S videohead
Tripod is two-stage and made of valuable aluminium
Middle spreader
Max height: 1.89m
Could be collapsed to a length of 89cm for easy transport
Weight: 3.8kg
Max load total: 8kg
Very lightweight but nevertheless stable
Supports DSLR and small video cameras
60mm bowl
Tilt: +90° / -70°
3/8“ screw
360° panorama
Quick release plate compatible with Manfrotto 501

Coman DF16L Aluminium Tripod
Coman Q5 Videohead
Carry bag

COMAN DF16L Aluminium Tripod with Q5S Videohead

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