K&F 1/8 Black Mist Filter

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K&F 1/8 Black Mist Filter

*  K&F 1/8 Black Mist Filter can soften the wrinkles, spots, pores, etc. Applicable human skin, and the more delicate, plump, beautiful and hazy movie effect for better realization.

* Top optical glass, double-sided 18-layer anti-reflection coating, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the filter surface and avoid ghosting and other problems

* Surface of the frame has a CNC trapezoidal pattern. It ensures that consumers can increase friction in a large area when rotating, and install/remove lenses and other accessories anytime and anywhere

* Frame is of aviation-grade aluminum, and the thickness of the frame is only 3.3mm. The design of the thin frame ensures that consumers and the wide-angle end will not have vignetting.

K&F Concept Black Soft Filter Specs
Glass: Japanese AGC high precision optical glass
Coating: Multi-Layer Nano 18 Layer – Weather Proof, Scratch Resistant
Light Transmittance: 87% for the 1/8
Frame Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminium, also known as Aluminum.
Build Quality: I think they are good, no issues so far.

When dealing with bright lights shining directly into the lens, you can get some pretty extreme glow.

With normal daylight conditions, you will get some minor blooming of the highlights with an overall soft feel.

Indoors, you won’t notice the effect, but, it still calms the colors and contrasts taking some of that digital edge off. It’s kind of nice if you have ‘clinical’ lenses and want a calmer look to the colors and contrast.

Here, with bright lighting conditions, you can see that you probably wouldn’t want more than the 1/8 filter.

Even without bright lights shining into the lens, you still get an almost more analog feel with a ton of vibe.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 40 cm
Filter Diameter | قطر الفلتر

49mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm

K&F 1/8 Black Mist Filter

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