K&F Concept Variable Fader NDX ND8-ND2000 Filter (58mm)

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Product Description:
The K&F Concept filter is coated on both sides, reduction of scattering light.And more, we use the developed new nano coating layer technology,reducing lens flare and ghosting while making the filter water repellent, oil & dust resistant.
The thickness of the frame is 7.5mm, and the surface is designed with a CNC trapezoidal pattern to ensure that the friction is increased over a large area when the user rotates.
ND———–Extend exposure time. Try an ND, or neutral density filter. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens. This makes it easier to achieve effects such as a shallower depth of field or blurred motion.
Explanation of “X” cross issues: “X” cross on images is a common issue with wide angle lenses and variable ND filters. Physics limit the capabilities of variable ND filters on wide angle lenses. When you enter the edge of the max range,the “X” issue may appear on your image.due to the partcular angle of the two polarizers when approaching max density.
Neutral density can be adjusted from nd8 to nd2000, easy to create different neutral density by rotating the ring
Allows the use of slow shutter speeds, with high speed films or digital cameras, to record movement/image blur in subjects
Decrease the depth of field by using wider apertures, which helps separate subjects from their background
The MIN denotes ND8 (3 f-stop) and the MAX denotes ND2000(11 f-stops),gives you full control over your content.

K&F Concept Variable Fader NDX ND8-ND2000 Filter (58mm)

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