Universal Lightweight Tripod Dolly

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Key Features
– 88 lb (40KG) Load Capacity
– 18.5″ (50cm) Working Radius
– For Split-Spiked and Single-Point Feet
– Individually Braked Wheels
– Legs Fold in and Lock for Storage

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The Universal Lightweight Tripod Dolly from E-Reise has a load capacity up to 88 lb and working radius of 18.5″. The dolly supports most tripods with split-spiked and single-point feet. The single-point foot mounts can slide up and down the arm of the dolly to accommodate smaller tripods or to get a little extra height by moving the feet closer together. Each type of foot can be locked in place, either with a rubber tab (for split-spiked feet) or an adjustable, lockable clamp (single-point feet).

Single-point foot mounts are adjustable along dolly arm for small and large tripods
Individually braked wheels cease spinning and rotating when locked
Convenient built-in carry handle for transport
Legs fold in and lock for storage.
The universal Lightweight Tripod Dolly fits the video tripod from Coman DF16LQ5S

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 150 × 90 × 90 cm

Universal Lightweight Tripod Dolly

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