Tilta Nucleus Nano II System

113.000 BHD

Key Features
  • FIZ Control System
  • 0.8 MOD High-Torque Lens Motor
  • Wireless Handwheel Controller
  • 15mm Rod Clamp, Lens Ring Adapter
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB-C Ports, Carrying Case


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Tilta Nucleus Nano II System

Tilta Nucleus Nano II WirelessLens Control System the ultimate tool for all filmmakers seeking precise control over their lenses.

Introducing the Nucleus Nano II – Wireless Lens Control System, the ultimate tool for all filmmakers seeking precise control over their lenses. 

With its advanced features and seamless compatibility, this system revolutionizes the way users can control their lenses, cameras and gimbals.

The new and improved Hand Wheel (Optional) puts control at your fingertips. Allowing you to control two focus motors from the compact controller.

Users can utilize the Main Dial to adjust Focus, while the new Control Rocker effortlessly handles Zoom or Iris functions via a dampened Rocker, perfect for easing in or out of zooms.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the Nano II’s ability to handle up to 4 motors for Focus, Iris, Zoom, and Mirage VND when used with the optional Multi-Functional Power or Control Handle.

Navigating through the system has never been easier thanks to the new 1.6” Circular Touch Screen Display and user-friendly interface which provides quick access to an array of advanced functions including dedicated pages for lens mapping and camera control functions.

The Nano II allows users to wirelessly adjust camera settings via WiFi, Bluetooth, and the motor’s USB-C port for compatible camera systems such as Canon, Sony, Black Magic Design and more.

Please note, the current firmware fully supports all controls for the BMPCC 4K, 6K, 6K Pro, and partially supports Sony FX3, A7S3, A7R5, ZV-E1, ZV-E10 and Canon R7 for settings such as Run/Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO and Iris.

Main Features

Run Stop is currently supported for camera systems including all mentioned above as well as Sony A7C, A7M4, A7R3, Canon R6M1, Panasonic S1H, GH6 and S5M2 via an optional Advanced Side Handle Run/Stop Cable.

Additional camera systems will be made compatible in future firmware updates.

This makes the Nano II the perfect option for filmmakers who regularly utilize support systems like Drones, Car Mounts, Cranes, Gimbals, or any other rig that makes it difficult to quickly adjust camera settings.

The lens mapping control screen offers real-time focus distance information, allowing you to stay informed and in control of every frame without relying on physically marking a focus disc.

With an internal battery powered by USB-C, the Nano II offers up to 20 hours of continuous power, depending on usage.

Equipped with a high-performance motor, the Nano II delivers five times the torque of its predecessor with convenient USB-C power input and output ports, perfect for chaining together multiple motors from a single power source.

The Nano II is our most compatible system to date featuring compatibility with DJI RS2, RS3 Pro, DJI Focus Motors, Nucleus M and the previous generation of Nucleus Nano, ensuring a smooth workflow for users who already utilize previous iterations of the Nucleus Ecosystem.

Elevate your filmmaking experience with the Nucleus Nano II – Wireless Lens Control System. Gain precise control over your lenses, enjoy an intuitive user interface, and experience unmatched compatibility with industry-leading gear.


PLEASE NOTE: Some features listed above are NOT fully functional in the current firmware.

Features such as DJI Ronin/ DJI Focus Motor Compatibility, Lens Mapping, and other features are currently not available and will be implemented with future firmware updates.

Camera Control functionality is only compatible with select cameras at this time. 


Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System

High Performance Motor

5 Times the torque of Nucleus N.
Auto-adjustable torque design.
High-efficiency cooling system.

Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System

Three Main Displays

Camera control, focus control & motor control, all in one.

Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System

Touch Control

Intuitive interaction at your finger tips.

Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System

Improved Power Supply

Upgraded USB-C port. Efficient power management.

Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System

Multi-Channel Communication

Maximum 4-channel control. Create infinite possibilities.

Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System
Nucleus Nano II Motor Kit
Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System
Nucleus Nano II Wireless Lens Control System
In the box

1:Nucleus Nano II Hand Wheel Controller(12009.00002.00.00)*1
2:Nucleus Nano II Motor(12009.00001.00.00)*1
3:USB-C Power Cable (30cm)(21114.00061.00.00)*1
4:15mm Rod Holder to Dual 1/4″”-20 Adapter – Black(12013.00010.00.00)*1
5:Aluminum Rod 15*100mm – Black(R15-100-B)*1
6:Photographic Lens Follow Focus Gear Ring(FR-T03)*1
7:3/16 Allen Key(32123.00037.00.00)*1
8:Instruction Manual *1
9:Soft Carrying Case for Nucleus Nano II *1

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 4 inches

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

Tilta Nucleus Nano II System

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