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TELESIN ND & CPL Lens ND Filter when you want to present the speed in sports, like riding on Motorcycle, you need to use ND filters to do the motion blur.
Or when you want to take a photo in the night sky, light painting pictures.
CPL helps to darken over-bright skies, reduce reflections, and/or suppress glare from water surfaces. Blue skies will become more deeply blue and colors will often become more saturated.


1. Gorilla Glass, durable and Scratch-resistant.

2. Multi-layer coating

3. Aluminum alloy frame, corrosion resistance.

4. 9H hardness, scratch without leaving a mark.

Polarizing (CPL) Filter

1. Polarizing filter eliminates reflections from non-metallic surfaces and increases contrast and color saturation.

2. Removes unwanted reflections from surfaces such as water and glass.

ND Filter

1. Reduce the amount of visible light that enters the lens, allowing the user to utilize wider apertures or slower shutter speeds, particularly in bright conditions.

2. Work especially well for portraits by allowing the photographer to reduce the depth of field, producing pleasant background blur while keeping the subject in sharp focus.

3. Emphasize movement by permitting slow shutter speeds in bright light, giving life to photos that would otherwise look frozen in time.

4. This particular filter is multi-coated to minimize reflection on the filter surface, which reduces flare and ghosting and produces sharp contrast and well-balanced color.


1. Weight: 90g

2. Packing size: 11.3cm*7cm*4.7cm

Package List

A. ND 8 – 1 piece

B. ND 16 – 1 piece

C. ND 32 – 1 piece

D. CPL – 1 piece

E. Packaging Box – 1 piece

TELESIN ND & CPL LensTELESIN ND & CPL LensTELESIN ND & CPL LensTELESIN ND & CPL LensTELESIN ND & CPL LensTELESIN ND & CPL Lens Filters Set for GoPro 910 11TELESIN ND & CPL Lens Filters Set for GoPro 910 11

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm


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