TELESIN 3-Way Handgrip/Monopod with Mini Tripod

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The nifty 3-Way Handgrip/Monopod with Mini Tripod from TELESIN functions as a grip, an extendable monopod, or a mini tripod for your GoPro or comparable action camera with a 3-prong mount. Extend the monopod from 10.8″ to 23.6″ for selfies or use the hinge to create a u-shaped support for low-mode use. Add water to the hollow handgrip to obtain neutral buoyancy for underwater shots or use the compartment for storing your keys and other small items.

3-Way Design

Use as a selfie stick, a mini tripod, or a handgrip

U-Shaped Mode

Hinges to create a u-shaped grip for low-mode shots

Floating Handgrip

  • Handgrip floats or can be filled with water to neutralize buoyancy
  • Store keys or small items in hollow grip

In the Box

  • TELESIN 3-Way Handgrip/Monopod with Mini Tripod
  • Selfie Stick
  • Floating Grip
  • Mini Tripod
  • Long Thumbscrew
  • Wrist Strap

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm

TELESIN 3-Way Handgrip/Monopod with Mini Tripod

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