SmallRig Fold P10 Smartphone Cage

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Key Features
– Folding Mount for Dynamic Mobile Filming
– 2 x Handgrips When Fully Unfolded
– Holds 9.2″ Long (23.4cm) , 2.5-3.9″ (6.3 to 9.8cm) Wide Phones
– 3 x Built-In Cold Shoes
– 5 x Built-In 1/4″-20 Threaded Mounts
– Shoot in Widescreen or Portrait
– Integrated Wireless Control Button
– Anti-Freeze/Non-Slip Silicone Grips
– Non-Slip/Anti-Scratch Phone Padding
– Made of Durable Aluminum Alloy

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SmallRig Fold P10 Smartphone Cage

Transform your mobile content creation abilities with the SmallRig Fold P10 Smartphone Cage, a foldable stationary and handheld mobile shooting platform in one. When completely folded, the Fold P10 can slip into your pocket or be used as a stationary smartphone holder via its bottom 1/4″-20 tripod connector. Unfolding the P10 gives you a host of shooting options. Unfold just one arm and a handle to shoot low, vertical, or reach for those extreme angles. Unfold both arms and handles for steady tracking shots or smooth panorama stills. Whether you shoot stills, capture video, or livestream, the Fold P10 helps you to elevate what you can accomplish on the go.

Add Accessories

To further enhance your mobile images and video, you can utilize three built-in cold shoes and four 1/4″-20 threaded connectors on top of the P10 in any orientation for optional accessories, such as an external microphone or LED illuminator.

Built-In Wireless Control

A built-in red button on the right handle lets you quickly and easily snap photos or start to record a video; or you can do both. If you use an optional mount to attach a second phone to one of the cold shoes, you can film with one phone while using the wireless control to shoot stills with the other. Please note that the wireless control does not work with Samsung phones.

Additional Features

Constructed from durable aluminum alloy
Anti-freeze and non-slip silicone grips on each handle
Non-slip and anti-scratch padding inside the phone holder
When unfolded, the P10 supports phones up to 9.2″ long in widescreen illuminator orientation
Phone clamp can hold phones from 2.5 to 3.9″ wide and up to 0.5″ thick, in or out of a case
All five 1/4″-20 connectors are anti-twist threaded mounts
Why not add an LED light?

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 45 cm

SmallRig Fold P10 Smartphone Cage

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