Selens 60x180cm Eyelighter U-type Reflector

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Specifically designed for beauty and portrait photography.

The Curved Reflector provide an arc-shaped highly reflective silver surface that tilts up to 74 degrees and matches the natural curvature of the human eye.

Unlike triflectors, its catchlight is seamless, without unflattering gaps. traditional flat panel reflectors do a good job of providing bounce fill light under the subject’s face, but render catchlights in the eyes that can be less than natural.

Featuring a durable aluminum frame and reflective silver surface, while tension rods are utilized to pull it taut, maximizing the light output. it produces a reflection and attractive catchlight for professional portraiture, Now, portrait photographers can achieve clamshell lighting with a single light source.

Comes with a carry case for storage and travel to on-location shoots.

Size: 59” x 24”
Storage Size: 27”

what’s new on W803 Marked II version

1. new design of screw locking system
2. 1/4” screw tip on the stem

Top Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand W803 is very good for professional photographer for their studio.

It can be used for many purposes , strobe flash lights, backgrounds and with reflectors.

  • Package contains:

1 x Frame

1 x 2 diffuser cloth

1 x Carry Bag


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 9 × 6 cm

Selens 60x180cm Eyelighter U-type Reflector

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