ROCKETEK CR302A Card Reader (USB-A)

3.000 BHD

Input port: USB A & Type-C
Output port: SD/TF
Transfer rate: 104MB/s(Max.)
Compatible Systems: Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Vista etc.

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ROCKETEK CR302A Card Reader (USB-A)

ROCKETEK CR302A Card Reader (USB-A) is equipped with a USB and USB-C interface and supports SD and TF (MicroSD cards) , will help you. Supported capacity is 2 TB.


Well designed

The reader allows simultaneous operation of SD and TF cards, and a practical light indicator informs about its operation status. The accessory also features surge protection, and thanks to its USB and USB-C interfaces, you can use it in conjunction with your phone, tablet or computer. The reader is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux and Vista.


Convenient operation

The memory card reader has a USB3.0 interface and guarantees fast data transfer, so you can send the files you need in no time – the maximum speed is up to 104 MB/s. High capacity is also an advantage, as the reader supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 1 TB.


Many applications

The plug&play function means that you don’t have to waste time on complicated configurations – just connect the reader to the device of your choice and manage your files. In this way you will enable you to conveniently transfer your vacation photos or transfer necessary documents at work. Another advantage is a special light indicator, which informs you about the reader’s working status.



Manufacturer Rocketeck
Model CR302A
Speed Up to 104 MB/s
Supported cards SD, TF (MicroSD)
Supported capacity 1 TB
Interface USB
Compatible systems Windows, iOS, Linux, Vista
Dimensions 76 x 11 x 22 mm
Weight Approximately 16 g
Color Gray

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


ROCKETEK CR302A Card Reader (USB-A)

ROCKETEK CR302A Card Reader (USB-A)

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