Puluz 22cm Mirror Turnable

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Puluz 22cm Mirror Turnable

Puluz 22cm Mirror Turnable Electric Rotating Display Stand Live Video Shooting Props Turntable With Remote Control 360 Turntable.


1. Remote control speed: The speed range is 8/15/30 sec/rev.
2. Easy to use: Just plug it in 5V USB and press switch.
3. Set the round-trip rotation function according to the rotation angle. The round-trip rotation angle can be set to 45-90-180 degrees respectively.
4. Widely application: Product display, like jewelry, digital product, shampoo, glass, and other collectibles, still life photography, Cake display, window shopping display, product video, super stores, exhibitions, and so on.


1. Material: ABS+glass
2. Voltage: 5V USB
3. Speed: 8/15/30 seconds / circle
4. Diameter: 22cm, height: 3.5cm
5. Load-bearing: 8kg
6. Power supply mode: USB plug-in / 18650 battery (battery not included)
7. Speed way: Remote control / Manual control of motor speed (optional)
8. Rotation direction: Can turn around
9. Weight: 440g

 Puluz 22cm Mirror TurnablePuluz 22cm Mirror TurnablePuluz 22cm Mirror Turnable

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10.5 cm


Puluz 22cm Mirror Turnable

Puluz 22cm Mirror Turnable

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