Phottix 4-in-1 Q-Drop Collapsible 1.5×4.0m (5′ x 13′) Backdrop Kit (Green/Blue & Black/White)

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Key Features
  • Two Reversible Muslin Backdrops
  • 5 x 6.5′ Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Easy & Fast Assembly/Disassembly
  • Soft Carrying Bag

Ideal for photographers who work in small studios or at home, the Phottix 4-in-1 Q-Drop Collapsible Backdrop Kit provides a professional look without dominating your precious work space. Even if you aren’t a pro, this kit can be used for livestreaming, video conference calls, interviews, portraits, content creation on social media platforms, tutorials, post-production keying, and imaginative backgrounds.

The kit comes with two reversible muslin backdrops—black/white and blue/green—to give you four options to shoot against and a 6.5′ high by 5′ wide freestanding sturdy aluminum frame.

Each backdrop is 13′ long, giving you the ability to cover the floor for an even and clean look and attach to the frame by simple touch-fasteners. The stand breaks apart into eight sections that are all connected by a flexible elastic cord that keeps everything organized and easy to assemble and disassemble. The stand and backdrops all fit into the included soft carrying case.


What’s included?

• Backdrop frame x 1
• Green / Blue Muslin background x 1
• Black / White Muslin background x 1
• Backdrop stand x 2
• Backdrop stand gasket x 2
• Backdrop stand screw x 2
• Carry bag x 1

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 110 × 23 × 23 cm

Phottix 4-in-1 Q-Drop Collapsible 1.5x4.0m (5' x 13') Backdrop Kit (Green/Blue & Black/White)

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