Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight AF

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Key Features
  • Radio Control Advanced Wireless Lighting
  • Cooling System for 100 Consecutive Shots
  • Compatible with Nikon i-TTL
  • Guide Number: 113′ at ISO 100 and 35mm
  • Zoom Range: 24-200mm (14mm with Panel)
  • Tilts from -7° to 90°
  • Rotates Left & Right 180°
  • Info Button for Quick Access to Settings
  • Recycle Time: 1.8-2.6 Seconds
  • Slow, High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync

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Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight AF

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight AF featuring Radio Control Advanced Wireless Lighting, Cooling System for 100 Consecutive Shots, Compatible with Nikon.

Flash Design and Output

  • Flash head tilts with click-stops at -7°, 0°, 45 °, 60°, 75°, and 90° and rotates left and right with click-stops at 0°, 30°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°, 150°, and 180°
  • A first for shoe-mounted flashes, a built-in cooling system enables over 100 consecutive bursts at full output without overheating
  • Running on four AA batteries, a quick recycle time of 1.8-2.6 seconds is possible. SB-5000 can also be powered via the optional SK-6 Power Bracket Unit and SD-9 High-Performance Battery Pack to further reduce recycle times and increase the number of flashes per charge
  • Guide number of 113′ at ISO 100 and 35mm or 180′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
  • Manual power output from 1/1 to 1/256
  • Flash exposure compensation from -3 to +3 EV in 1/3 EV steps
  • Flash duration of 1/980 to 1/30,820 second depending on output setting
  • Full sync mode support is available with slow, high-speed, 1st and 2nd curtain options.
  • Coverage of 14-24mm in FX when using built-in wide-angle diffusion panel
  • Light distribution angle is automatically adjustable to the camera’s image area in both FX and DX formats with standard, even, and center-weighted options
  • Updated flash design includes a backlit rear LCD panel, a dedicated Info button for fast access to commonly adjusted settings, and an auxiliary PC terminal for additional wired triggering options
  • Customize settings with Unified Flash Control using Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2 software from a computer. Also, flash firmware can be updated through the camera

Wireless Flash Control

  • Radio control Advanced Wireless Lighting when used with a D5 or D500 DSLR equipped with WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller and WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter
  • Radio triggering range of 98′ with no line-of-sight requirement and with control over 6 groups of flashes
  • Wireless Commander TTL capabilities with both optical and radio trigger options
  • Commander Mode to set up optical wireless flashes in 3 groups and in one of 4 channels
  • Control and mix optical and radio flashes

In the Box

SB-5000 AF Speedlight
SW-15H Diffusion Dome for SB-5000 Speedlight
AS-22 Speedlight Stand for SB-700 (Replacement)
SZ-4FL Fluorescent Filter
SZ-4TN Incandescent Filter for SB-5000 AF Speedlight
SS-5000 Soft Case for SB-5000 AF Speedlight

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Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight AF

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight AF

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