Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGB LED Tube Light

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Key Features
  • For Photo, Video & Film Production
  • Output: 183 Lux at 3.3′ (5600K)
  • 2700-7500K CCT; RGB Mode
  • Onboard & App Control
  • CRI 95 | TLCI 97
  • 15 Preset Special Effects
  • Built-In USB-Rechargeable Battery
  • T12 Magnetic or 1/4″-20 Mounting
  • Compatible with Optional Remote Controls
  • Includes USB-C Cable, Wrist Strap & Bag

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Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGB LED Tube Light

Flexibility is key to the design of the Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGB LED Tube Light. Illuminate your scenes with this portable, 10″ long, battery-operated, bi-color tube light, suitable for a variety of applications from your video calls to creating fill and accent lighting for video and photo productions. It outputs up to 183 lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 3.3′ and features an adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 7500K. A great lighting solution for content creators, this tube light is ideal for hiding unobtrusively in small areas on a set, at home, or in challenging environments.

Powered by an internal rechargeable battery, this tube light will give you approximately 65 minutes of runtime on a full charge at 100% power. It is ready for worldwide use via an included USB cable that can be connected to any USB-C source, including power banks, for added runtime. Compact and lightweight, the PavoTube II 6C mounts via 1/4″-20 receivers or simply attaches to metal surfaces with its included set of metal plates. It also comes with a wrist strap for convenience and a carrying bag for storage and transport.

High-Quality Lighting
The PavoTube II 6C allows a myriad of color combinations to blend in seamlessly with ambient light conditions, match other fixtures, or express creative effects. A full spectrum RGB mode enables its red, green, and blue LEDs to select from 360 colors with hue control. It has a variable CCT range of 2700 to 7500K with a CRI/TLCI of 95/97, ensuring colors and skin tones are reproduced with a high degree of accuracy. Light intensity is adjustable as well, from 0 to 100%.
Onboard and Wireless Remote Control
The PavoTube II 6C’s easy-to-use onboard display and buttons let you dial temperature from warm to cold (2700 to 7500K) or adjust hue and saturation in RGB mode. Go from cool to warmer tones and everywhere in between and find the right level of illumination for your scene. With built-in Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz connection, it can be wirelessly controlled from your smartphone using the free NANLINK app. Control is also possible via the brand’s separately available RC-1 and WS-RC-C1 remotes.
Magnetic Mounting and Portability
Giving you flexible mounting possibilities. The PavoTube II 6C is compatible with most T12 diameter accessories and features two 1/4″-20 receivers. Also powerful magnets for attaching to metal surfaces. You can mount this lightweight 9.2 ounces light in various lighting setups. Especially when space is at a minimum or in a challenging environment. Which makes it a convenient and portable on-the-go lighting solution.
Special Lighting Effects
Imitate different lighting effects. It includes hue loop. CCT loop. INT loop. CCT flash. hue flash. CCT pulse. hue pulse. storm. police car. TV. paparazzi. fire, disco, bad bulb, fireworks, explosion, and welding.
Runtime and Charging
  • Battery life: 65 minutes at 100% of brightness. 2.5 hours at 50% of brightness. 4.8 hours at 10% of brightness
  • Charge time is 2.5 hours to 100% and 2 hours to 80%

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Dimensions 100 × 30 × 30 cm

Nanlite PavoTube II 6C RGB LED Tube Light

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