LARMOR GGS IV 0.3mm Self-Adhesive Optical Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector

4.200 BHD

  • Easy to install with 100% bubble-free adhesives
  • Prevents the camera screen from high impact drops, scratches
  • 99.99% HD Clarity – High-transparency
  • High-quality material and only 0.3mm thickness
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Nothing beats clarity of the optical glass. Not only LARMOR will protect your camera LCD
screen from scratches and damage, but it is also designed to be work with touch screen
and swivel screen on modern cameras.

LARMOR protectors do not use glue – they connect to the LCD screen with a strong
silicon adhesive for fast, easy and gapless installation without affecting the sensitivity of
the touch screen.

They also ultra thin – just 0.3mm LARMOR protectors have a frame design makes them
look and feel like they are part of the camera.



Protection – It is build from hardened glass with 8H surface hardness that surpasses steel,
offering excellent scratch and impact protection

Clarity – Crystal clear optical glass with clarity that exceeds that of ordinary plastic
protectors or films

Appearance – Frame design makes a perfect fit.

Functionality – A very thin 0.3mm protector allows for greater touch screen sensitivity

Easy to care – A smudge-resistant coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning.

Ease of Use – A special silicon adhesive makes for easy application and removal.

Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken.



Package contents:

1 X LARMOR screen protector

1 X wet cleaning paper

1 X Installation instructions

1 X Superfine fiber cloth

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Camera Model | موديل الكاميرا

Canon EOS-M5/EOS-R, Canon EOS-R5/EOS-R3, Canon EOS-R6, Sony A7iv, Sony A7iii RII

LARMOR GGS IV 0.3mm Self-Adhesive Optical Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector

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