KYU6 LED Light Wrap

25.000 BHD

– Bi-Color
– 28 95-CRI LEDs
– Controllable: color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K with five different brightness controls

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KYU6 LED Light Wrap

Including KYU-6TM Cold-shoe and Light Stand Adapter and KYU-6TM Panel for Three


Small but mighty, the wrappable, wearable, magnetically mountable KYU6 LED Light Wrap can be used as a key light, a fill light, an accent light, a close-up light, or as part of a motivated lighting setup in your photos or videos. The KYU-6 is a flexible, controllable light that’s perfect for photographers or filmmakers: select from a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K emitted by 28 bright LEDs with a beam angle of 120º. 

The KYU-6 weighs only 42g and has a width of 5mm, which means it’s easy to slot into small spaces and isn’t uncomfortably bulky when used as a wearable light. You can attach it using its magnetic back and corresponding discs, mount it using its horizontal or vertical threads, or enjoy its fun-but-effective slap mechanism so that you can wear it or wrap it around an object. When we say the KYU-6 is flexible, it literally is! 

Use the KYU-6 to create discreet but impactful lighting, whether as a single light stick, as part of a panel of three, or when you wrap it around people or objects. It comes with five programmed effects modes: breathing, candle, explosion, red carpet, and a fast stroboscopic effect, and five levels of dimming for great creative control. 

Charge the KYU-6 via its micro-USB port for between one and eight hours of cord-free use, depending on how bright you set it. But if you need to go for longer, keep it plugged into a USB port. When you’re running three KYU-6 devices, you can connect them to a single USB port using a three-way cable. (KYU-6 Cable for 3 and KYU-6 Panel for 3 sold separately.)

  • Powerful, wrappable lighting unit
  • Flexible: Individually or as part of a panel of three

KYU6 LED Light Wrap

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