K&F Full-Frame cleaning sticks

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K&F full-frame cleaning sticks (20 sticks)

K&F Full-Frame cleaning sticks (20pcs) customized cleaning sticks Replacement Sensor Swab Heads for self-Cleaning Pen | SKU.1902 for full-frame sensor camera DSLRs.

20 Ultra soft sensor cleaning swabs, designed to remove dust safely without damaging your precious equipment.

Main Features:
– The swabs utilized for cleaning Full-Frame sensors are crafted from extremely absorbent, ultra-fine optical microfiber.
– Their soft and delicate texture ensures that they clean safely without scratching.
– These swabs are 24mm in width so they cover the width of the sensor in a single wipe
– Easily remove dust spots due to their ultra fine weave
– They are flexible enough to lightly apply pressure to the sensor’s surface for even cleaning.
– They can be used dry for dust removal or wet cleaning fluid for stubborn spots or grease removal.
– To maintain their pristine condition until use, each swab stick is individually vacuum sealed.
– The compact size makes it easy to store and travel with.
– Heads are used with the K&F Cleaning Pen which is sold separately

What’s in the box?
20 x Replacement sensor swab heads for the K&F Cleaning Pen

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K&F Full-Frame cleaning sticks

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