K&F 20in1 Cleaning Kit

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K&F 20in1 Cleaning Kit

K&F 20in1 Cleaning Kit Laptop Mobile Screen 20-in-1 Cleaning Kit, Computer Keyboard Brush Cleaning Spray, Suitable for iPhone AirPods MacBook iPad. SKU: SKU.2078


  • 20 cleaning tools

Including cleaning cloth, cleaning liquid, brush, air blower, needle card, cleaning pen tip, etc., which can comprehensively clean the surface of Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, cameras, lenses, keyboards and other devices. Remove fingerprints, grease, dust and other dirt from the screen, lens and other parts to keep the device clean and bright.

  • Compact Design. Easy to Carry.

20 accessories can be put into a small package for easy carrying at any time. Whether you’re traveling or in daily use, it’s easy to clean your device.

  • High Quality Material

Ensure they are non-toxic, harmless and will not cause any damage to the surface of the equipment. The cleaning cloth is soft and delicate and won’t scratch or leave fibers behind.

  • A 20-in1 cleaning set

Can meet the cleaning needs of a variety of equipment and is more economical and affordable than purchasing cleaning tools separately.

  • Efficient cleaning kit

Can improve the cleanliness of the device, reduce the impact of fingerprints and grease. It also allow users to enjoy a clearer and more comfortable viewing and operating experience.

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K&F 20in1 Cleaning Kit

K&F 20in1 Cleaning Kit

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