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  • JJC IS Series Infrared Remote is designed for cameras with infrared remote sensor. This series of remote control features an ultra-slim design as well as a simple and elegant shape. There is a small shutter release button on the remote, on the side of IS-C1 IS-P1 IS-S1 IS-U1 is the function selector(s), on the back of IS series remote is the function label.

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This series infrared remote can prevent camera shaking efficiently, thus you can get more wonderful pictures. More importantly, the remote allows you to control your camera in a distant place, so it is very useful for taking self-portraits and group photos. Besides, it is easy to operate and convenient for carrying. Among JJC IS Series Infrared Remote, IS-C1 is designed for CANON cameras, IS-N1 is for NIKON cameras, IS-P1 is for PENTAX cameras, IS-S1 is for SONY cameras and IS-U1 is a universal remote which can be used for cameras of the above four brands.


Product type: Infrared remote

Battery type: CR2032 lithium battery

Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 105°F)

Operating Distance :

CANON: 0-6M SONY: 0-18M
NIKON: 0-21M PENTAX: 0-20M

Note: The operating distance may differ depending on working conditions you take photos in.

Package Containing

IS Remote x 1

CR2032 Battery x 1

Instruction manual x1

Warranty card x1

Function Description

1.Function List


Camera Brand Camera Mode Function Selector Function
Nikon Single shot A1 Instant Shutter Release
Nikon BULB Mode A1 Long exposure
Canon Single shot A2 Instant Shutter Release
Canon BULB Mode A2 Long exposure
Canon Single shot A3 Delay Shutter Release
Canon VIEDO A3 Video Record
Sony Single shot B1 Instant Shutter Release
Sony BULB Mode B1 Long exposure
Sony Single shot B2 Delay Shutter Release
Sony           VIEDO B3 Video Record
Pentax Single shot C1 Instant Shutter Release
Pentax BULB Mode C1 Long exposure
Pentax Single shot C2 Zoom change

2.Compatible With

IS-U1 is compatible with all the cameras that IS-N1, IS-C1, IS-S1, IS-P1 are compatible with.
*B3 VIDEO REC function is only compatible with SONY cameras that have video recording function and infrared receiver at the same time.
*C2 T/W function is not compatible with DSLR or SLR Cameras, for the focal length of these camera’s lens needs to be manually adjusted.
*C3 Fn function is only compatible with those Pentax cameras that have video recording function and infrared receiver at the same time.

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