Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

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Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W Voltage 7.4V with capacity of 7800mAh USB Type-C data cable PD20W (Input & Output) LCD Power Display.

Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

Upgraded Higher Capacity Replacement Battery

Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

Jinnet TP-970 rechargeable lithium battery features a high capacity (7800mAh) and offers a longer battery life than common NP-F batteries. Manufactured with premium cells, it can provide you with abundant and consistent battery power for capturing every wonderful moment in life.

Multifunction Battery Pack

Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

The battery is equipped with a USB A port and a bidirectional USB Type C port. The USB Type C port can function as an input or an output and support 20W PD fast charging to fully charge the battery in 3.5 hours. The USB A port features a 5V output to charge smartphones and tablets. Recharge the battery through wall sockets, car chargers, and portable chargers

4 Battery Status Indicators

4 LED indicators clearly display battery levels at 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. Just press the “CHECK” button to activate the indicators, then you can know the current battery status with a glimpse.

Multiple Circuit Protection

Designed with an advanced protection system to effectively prevent overcharging, short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and other potential hazards. Note: Do not use the battery to charge mobile devices when the battery itself is being charged. Doing so will cause overheating and the battery life to decline.

Extensive Compatibility

A replacement for all NP-F series batteries, including NP-F550, NP-F570, NP-F750, NP-F770, NP-F960, NP-F970, NP-F975. Compatible with Sony cameras and camcorders such as CCD-RV/CCD-SC/CCD-TR/CCD-TRT/CCD-TRV/CVX/DSR/DCR/GV/HDR/HVL/HVR/MPK/MVC/PBD/PLM series, Jinnet LED panel lights, ring lights, and field monitors

PD20W Powerful Input and Output 

Type-C Digital Battery For Sony

Product model  TP-F970
Cell Volume Energy Density  668Wh.L
Voltage  7.4V
Capacity  7800mAh
Type-C PD20W ( Input and Output )
with Type-C data cable
Weight 400g
Check LCD Power Display
Replace part number: NP-F550, F570, F750, F770, F960, F970, F990, F980D, F980U, F980L

Type-C TP-F970 For Sony Camcorders

Compatible with Sony 1000C 1500C 2500C 198P Z5C NX3E CCD-TR25E  CCD-TR415 CCD-TR515  CCD-TR710E  CCD-TR713 CCD-TR820  CCD-TR820E  CCD-TR825E CCDTR910E  CCD-TR920  CCD-TR920E CCD-TR1100  CCD-TR2200  CCD-TR3100 CCD-TR3400  CCD-TRV9  CCD-TRV17 CCD-TRV27  CCD-TRV31  CCD-TRV32  CCD-TRV51E  CCD-TRV54  CCD-TRV56  CCD-TRV56E  CCD-TRV61  CCD-TRV64 CCD-TRV64E  CCD-TRV81E CCD-TRV91E  CCD-TRV94E  CCD TRV320  CCD-TRV320E CCD-TRV416  CCD-TRV420 CCD-TRV420E CCD-TRV515  CCD-TRV520  CCD-TRV520E  CCD-TRV520P  CCD-TRV525  CCD-TRV620  CCD-TRV620E CCD TRV720E CCD-TRV728…

Type-C PD20W Powerful Input and Output 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.5A, 15V2A

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Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

Jinnet TP-F970 Battery Type-C PD20W

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