Jinnet BP-U100 Battery 99Wh

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Jinnet BP-U100 Battery 99Wh

Jinnet BP-U100 Battery 99Wh Cell type  LG-INR18650*8 Power  99Wh Capacity  6900mAh Voltage  14.4V USB OUT  DC5V-2.4A BP-U100 for Camcorders

Product model  BP-U100T
Cell type  LG-INR18650*8
Cell Volume Energy Density 729.5Wh.L
Voltage  14.4V
Capacity  6900mAh
Power  99Wh
D-Tap1  16.8V-2A
D-Tap2  16.8V-2A
Size  L69mm*W42mm*H104mm
Weight  477g (without packing)
Materials  ABS+PC +Li-ion +PCB
Power display 25% 50% 75% 100%

BP-U100 Battery For Sony
Applicable with Sony Video Camcorders PMW-EX1, EX3, EX160, EX260, EX280, PXW-F3, FS5, FS7…

Inspection records
1. Li-ion cells testing passed by battery’s separator
2. PCB testing passed by the Electronic testing machine system
3. All products are repeatedly charged and discharged by Aging machine
4. Random Inspections passed by the testing machine, testing items: battery’s capacity, voltage, data information
5. Battery current keeping on 70%~75% before shipment

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Jinnet BP-U100 Battery 99Wh

Jinnet BP-U100 Battery 99Wh

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