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Package is inclusive of: Bowen Mount+PD Charger+Top Handle+60cm Softbox&Grid

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INKEE GOLD CROW 30 GC30 30W LED Video Light 2700K-6500K Photography Lighting Waterproof Photo Studio Light for Video Shooting.

Constant Power and High CRI

It can output a constant power of 30W under any color temperature; high display index, CRI index of 95+ and TLCI index of 96+, to ensure the needs of professional users.

Overclocked by 50%: When the battery power is higher than 20%, it can be overclocked by 50%, which is equivalent to 45W。

Color Rendering Index: CRI≥95    TLCI≥96

Built-in 71Wh Battery

Battery lasts about 2 hours under the full power of 30W (there is a certain deviation in different working conditions). It meets the safety requirements of civil aviation and can be carried on the plane (not checked).

100W fast charging and discharging

When charging with the light off,the maximum charging power of the battery is 65W. When charging while using, the maximum charging power is 100w(55W+45W).


Small power but big energy

Lamp bead + Heat dissipation + Battery, All-in one design, while ensuring a small size, it can also have a built-in battery, ready to use at hand.

NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

Same as the GC60, it has a built-in turbo negative pressure fan, and also monitors the battery temperature, and intelligently regulates the charging and discharging power.

Work in any situation, no fear of wind and rain.

Only the body is waterproof, the type-c port is not waterproof, please do not contact with water.
Using it in bad weather is normal.

Single/Muti-scene Shooting Tool

Perfect for interviews, wedding shoots and outdoor live broadcasts. Compact, all-in-one design fits the needs of photographers.

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Dimensions 90 × 40 × 30 cm


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