Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

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Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

5.5″ Wireless Transceiver Monitor

Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5″ Wireless Transceiver Monitor designed with a 5.5″ 1920 x 1080 resolution touch LCD screen with 1000 cd/m² brightness.

The Mars M1 Enhanced is a versatile wireless monitor that integrates transmitter, receiver, and monitoring functions into one solution. The 5.5″ touch screen with groundbreaking advantages such as accurate color calibration and Rec.709 color gamut, delivers a pleasant monitoring experience with professional image analysis functions. The device supports an impressive LOS range of up to 450ft (150m) and boasts a low latency of only 0.08 seconds, allowing for more flexibility in device deployment and ensuring seamless monitoring without noticeable lag.

TX, RX, and Monitor All in One

Hollyland Mars M1 EnhancedThe Mars M1 Enhanced wireless transmission monitor is a powerful and comprehensive solution for all your monitoring needs. Because it is an all-in-one device integrating the functionalities of a transmitter, receiver, and monitor into a single solution, you can effortlessly switch between the transmitter and receiver modes on its settings interface. Furthermore, a single Mars M1 Enhanced transmitter can seamlessly connect with up to two receivers or four mobile device apps.

Universal Compatibility

Our device is designed to easily work with the Mars Pro series and Mars 4K video transmission systems. This compatibility design reduces the need for multiple separate devices, making setup simpler and providing a more streamlined and efficient shooting experience.

Note: When the wireless mode is disabled, the Mars M1 Enhanced operates solely as a monitor. By disabling wireless functionality, power consumption is greatly reduced.

Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

Responsive 5.5″ LCD Touch Screen

The Mars M1 Enhanced is a top-quality monitor with excellent color accuracy. Its highly responsive 5.5 LCD touch screen and outstanding brightness of up to 1,000 nits make it perfect for outdoor use. The monitor undergoes a color calibration process during manufacturing, ensuring that every image is displayed with stunning resolution, vivid details, and unmatched color accuracy. Additionally, you can fine-tune the RGB gain using a simple reset option to achieve the perfect colors suitable for your needs.

responsive right

450ft (150m) LOS Range 0.08s Ultra-low Latency

450ftThe Mars M1 Enhanced provides an exceptional wireless video transmission range of 450ft (150m). With an ultra-low latency of 80ms, it virtually eliminates lag, guaranteeing stable and reliable wireless signal and delivering high-quality image monitoring overall.


Revolutionary HollyOS

Powered by Hollyland’s groundbreaking operating system – HollyOS, the Mars M1 Enhanced offers a comprehensive suite of advanced monitoring tools. Each of these tools provides you with complete control over your image, offering an opportunity to fine-tune every shot to your specific preferences.

HDMI & SDI Support

Featuring decimal frame rate support, the Mars M1 Enhanced also supports 4K/30fps HDMI input and loopout for expanded connectivity and compatibility. Its SDI input also provides extensive connectivity options to accommodate an ever-widening range of professional video production needs.

HDMI 4K/30fps
input & loopout
Note: The Mars M1 Enhanced can receive a 4K/30fps signal input, and will downscale the video resolution to a 1080P signal for output to the monitor screen when used as a wireless transmitter. The Mars M1 Enhanced does not transmit a 4K/30fps signal wirelessly.

Smart Channel Scan and Selection

smartThe Mars M1 Enhanced features smart channel scan that helps determine which channels are occupied and which ones are selectable for ensuring a stable connection upon startup and allowing for interference-free transmission.

Innovative Trigger Recording and Video Playback

The Mars M1 Enhanced enhance the appeal of automatic trigger recording and video playback. Replay your video wherever and whenever you want, to ensure that video capture at its finest quality.
Note: The video recording function supports up to two minutes of recording time, and the recorded video cannot be exported and will be deleted when the device is turned off or when a new recording is started.

New Capsule Antennas and Textured Design

The Mars M1 Enhanced comes with new-designed capsule antennas. This saves your time by eliminating the need for repeated disassembly and reassembly.

Weighing approx. 400g (14.1oz), has a highly impact-resistant body shell, ensuring maximum durability and protection even in challenging working environments. The shell design is with a frosted texture, providing you with a comfortable and secure grip.

Flexible Power Supply Solutions

NP-F batteries

The Mars M1 Enhanced supports a wide range of power supply solutions. DC power (7V to 16V), NP-F battery, and D-Tap battery. For a more secure connection, our device also features locking nut support for the DC output and input interfaces. It can also serve as a power source for the camera via the DC output interface.

Optional Accessories for More Application Scenarios

The optional accessories for the Mars M1 Enhanced design to elevate your monitoring experience. For example, the one-handed grip provided by the rosewood handle and T-shaped handle adds a touch of elegance. The wrist strap & shoulder strap allow you to hold the monitor with one hand and secure it around your shoulder. The monitor hood option greatly improves visibility and monitor protection.

In the Box

  • Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5″ Wireless Transceiver Monitor
  • 2 x Capsule Antenna
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • USB-C Converter
  • D-Tap to Locking DC Power Cable

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Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

Hollyland Mars M1 Enhanced

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