Hollyland Mars 4K System

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Key Features
– Transmitter and Receiver Set
– Transmit up to UHD 4K30 Video up to 450′
– SDI & HDMI Inputs & Outputs
– L-Series Battery/USB Type-C/DC Power
– Smart Channel Scanning, Touchscreen LCD
– Low 0.06s Latency, 12 Mb/s Data Rate
– DC, L-Series & USB Type-C Power Options
– Transmits to up to 4 x Apps as Monitor

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Hollyland Mars 4K System

In the Box

  • Hollyland Mars 4K Wireless Video Transmission System
  • Mars 4K Transmitter
  • Mars 4K Receiver
  • 4 x Antenna

Hollyland Mars 4K: features

The Hollyland Mars 4K is a new series of wireless video transmitters/receivers and the company’s first 4K system, as the Mars 400S PRO was limited to 1080p60 maximum.

The form factor of the Mars 4K is relatively similar to the Mars 300 – with a more traditional “vertical” shape – which is usually easier to attach to a camera cage or rig. Without further ado, here are all the Mars 4K key features:

  • The transmitter has one HDMI and one SDI input port. The receiver has the same output ports.
  • The system supports video transmission up to 4K UHD at 30fps (HDMI only). However, the SDI ports are limited to 1080p60.
  • The line of sight range is 450ft/150m with a latency of 0.06s, according to Hollyland.
  • The data rate varies from 8 up to 20 Mbps, with 12 Mbps as the default.
  • It comes with new bullet-styled antennas that are disassembly-free.
  • You can power the units via the USB-C port, the 6-16V barrel DC input, or Sony NP-F style battery.

On the side of the units, you’ll find a color LCD display and a new rocker-styled button to navigate inside the menu.

The Mars 4K will automatically select the best available transmission channel when you power the units. Furthermore, you can use the smart channel scan to help you determine which channels are occupied and selectable.

Lastly, one Mars 4K transmitter is compatible with up to two receivers or four mobile devices – iOS and Android – with the Hollyland app installed. Also, the Mars 4K is compatible with the new Mars M1 monitor/transmitter/receiver.

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Hollyland Mars 4K System

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