Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery Sony

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Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery Sony

Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery Replacement for NP-FZ100 7.2V, 2000mAh, 14.4Wh. Part No: 1000 175.2. 100% plastic free packaging Li-ion.

for Sony Replacement for NP-FZ100 7.2V, 2000mAh, 14.4Wh

Part No: 1000 175.2
  • 100% plastic free packaging
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • High Performance Quality Cells
  • Protection Circuit

Product description

HL-XZ100 Li-Ion Replacement Battery for Sony NP-FZ100 The HL-XZ100 Li-Ion battery from Hähnel is suitable for the Sony A7III, Sony A7R III, Sony A7S III and Sony A9.

Note: Not compatible with the Sony A7R IV.


Powerful and high quality, this video camera battery is an excellent alternative to the original Sony NP-FZ100 as it offers the same quality and has a long life. Camera batteries for almost all video cameras Power is everything for a photographer and a videographer. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to use good batteries.

About Hahnel

Hähnel supplies these batteries! When it comes to batteries and chargers, the Irish company Hähnel has been a benchmark for years. The Hähnel product range is wide and varied, with no fewer than 180 types of battery for digital cameras and camcorders. And: batteries are also supplied for older types of camera. So there’s always a battery for your camera!

Is it okay?

Replacing the original Sony NP-FZ100 battery The HL-XZ100 is a 7.2-volt video camera battery. And for these video camera models, the Hähnel battery is the perfect replacement for the original Sony NP-FZ100 battery. Hähnel batteries are unique in that they offer excellent value for money and a long service life. The HL-XZ100 has a capacity of 2000 mAh, making it a perfect alternative to the original battery.

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Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery Sony

Hahnel HL-XZ100 Battery Sony

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