Godox X3 Flash Trigger

37.000 BHD

Key Features
  • Works with X Wireless Radio System
  • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Range: 328′
  • 32 Channels; 99 IDs
  • High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
  • Runs on Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Includes USB-C Cable & Carry Bag


Godox X3 Flash Trigger (Xnano)

Godox X3 Flash Trigger (Xnano) Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. A modern Godox X 2.4GHz system transmitter with touchscreen and TTL support.

Completely redefining the wireless flash trigger landscape, we proudly present X3, a groundbreaking minimalistic Touchscreen TTL Wireless Flash Trigger designed to elevate your workflow to unprecedented heights. X3 empowers you to effortlessly control light, unlocking new levels of ease and efficiency in your creative pursuits.

High-Definition OLED Screen

With its vivid OLED touchscreen, X3 offers a high-contrast display and rapid refresh rate for an incredible viewing experience. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor shooting, effortlessly adjust screen brightness by sliding left or right to suit your surroundings, whether it’s bright sunlight or low-light conditions. There is also a Screen Locking function to prevent inadvertent touch, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Outstanding Capability

For ensuring maximum reliability and control, users can access up to 32 channels and 99 wireless ID settings for limiting interference from other nearby systems. Besides manual and TTL control modes, other settings are available, including multi flash, first, and second curtain sync.
Built-In Rechargeable Battery
The X3 / nano C’s integrated 850mAh battery charges in approximately two hours using the included USB-C cable.

Touchscreen Design

  • Built-in touchscreen, selector dial, and buttons for easy operation
  • The touchscreen panel displays modeling lamp control, battery level indicator, power output level, and others crucial parameters
  • The brightness of the touchscreen is conveniently adjustable

Other Functions

  • Buzz control functionality
  • Godox’s TCM transforms your TTL shooting value into the output value in the M mode
  • Memory function for storing and getting back to your last settings

Construction Details


  • Compact design at just 1.8 x 1.6 x 1.5″
  • Lightweight at only 1.7 oz
  • Compatible with optional X1R/XTR receivers

Compatible Flashes

Works with Godox flashes, including the P2400, AD1200Pro, AD600 series, AD360II series, AD200 series, V860II series, V860III series, V850, V350, TT685 series, TT685II series, TT585 series, TT350, FV series, V1 series, Quicker II series, Quicker III series, SKII series, SKIIV series, DPII series, DPIII series, GS/DSII series, and Lux Master models.
Godox X3 Flash Trigger
Godox X3 Flash Trigger Godox X3 Flash Trigger Godox X3 Flash Trigger Godox X3 Flash Trigger Godox X3 Flash Trigger

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm



Sony سوني, Canon كانون, Nikon نيكون, Fuji فوجي

Godox X3 Flash Trigger (Xnano)

Godox X3 Flash Trigger

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