Godox VD-Mic Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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For vloggers, livestreamers, videographers, and mobile journalists who need a space-saving microphone that provides higher-quality sound capture than their device’s built-in mic, the Godox VD-Mic camera-mount shotgun microphone offers an ultracompact and affordable solution. It even comes with two cables to allow proper hookup to your camera, portable audio recorder, smartphone, or tablet.

Since the VD-Mic runs on plug-in power (no batteries required) and has no controls to configure, it ensures easy, user-friendly operation for people of all experience levels. The aluminum housing provides durability, light weight, and effective resistance to interference from RF sources. Bundled with a Rycote detachable shoe shockmount, a foam windscreen, and a furry windshield, the VD-Mic helps you attain record audio with less noise from vibrations and wind.

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Godox VD-Mic Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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