Godox Scrim Flag Kit SF6090

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Godox Scrim Flag Kit SF6090

 Flag kit is a comprehensive set of light shaping tools

  • To achieve the desired lighting effect, it takes more than just a few lights, you also need lighting modifiers in hand to fine tune the lighting. The Scrim Flag kit from Godox, offers you a versatile and portable light-modifying solution. With the foldable flag frames, flag fabrics, and fingers and dots, you can easily set them up in studio or on location. For better photography, videography, and film-making, this kit can definitely help you to finely adjust the light and reach ideal tones for photography and videography and allow you to unleash your creative potential. 

    Versatile, Complete and Compact

  • As a full-featured lighting control system, the Scrim Flag kit from Godox has two versions available the SF6090Kit and the SF4560Kit. The main difference between the two being the size. They are specially designed to meet differing needs during shoots. Each of the two versions contain five flag frames and fabric screens to assemble flags for shaping, blocking or diffusing the light, as well as two groups of fingers and dots to allow more precise adjustments of light. Having the Godox Scrim Flag Kit offers you a versatile complete lighting modifying solution, with easier access to finer tuned lighting whenever you need it.

    Moreover, the lightweight flag fabrics, three-ended collapsible flag frames, and fingers and dots together make the kit compact and portable which ensures easy operation, transport and storage.

    High Control of Lighting Effect

  • The scrim flag kit can help photographers to easily adjust the contrast of the light and dark areas of the subject, so as to realise more even or accented pictures in a precise and convenient way, and for you to take high control of lighting effect. It also releases you from the limitation of space and time, making it easier to set the scene you desire.

    Black Single Net Screen & Black Double Net Screen

    The black single/double net screen can be used to vary the highlight part on the Subject, thereby altering the contrast of light and dark, to achieve pictures with more balanced and Proper tones.

    One-Stop Silk Screen

    The one-stop silk screen mainly works on the dark area of the subject to adjust the light/dark contrast of the picture, cutting the dramatic shadows. Allowing you fine-tuned pictures.

    Black Block Solid

    The Black Block Solid is perfect for blocking all unwanted light from your subject, or creating more shadows.

    Two-Stop Silk Screen

    The two-stop silk screen can diffuse available lighting, giving your subject softer and more even tones.

    Fingers and Dots

    The dots and fingers in black net and said fabrics allow you to shape light just like the 1 flags of black net and solid, but on smaller objects or areas. They’re ideal for tabletop shooting or in situations where the larger fabrics are inconvenient.

    Features Godox Scrim Flag Kit SF6090

    • The flag fabric screens are featuring industry-standard coloured-border, which shows different sorts of functions
    • Borders used for quick selection on-set.
    • The open edge of the flag is designed with no binding, which means no more harsh shadows due to the edge or hard transitions from it.

    Portable and User-Friendly

    The well-designed carry-case has more than enough room for quick organisation which make storage perfect for right after a busy shoot. It also has an ergonomic hand-held design for you to carry around the package in a more comfortable way. In addition, there is a unique design – the orange label with the product code, which will stick out for you to easily identify on the set. This neat user-friendly carry-case definitely makes the kit more of a convenient and portable solution.

    What’s Included in the Godox Scrim Flag Kit SF6090

    Black-Block solid (Black Border) x1
    Black-Double Net Screen (Red Border) x1
    Black-Single Net Screen (Green Border) x1
    Two-Stop Silk Screen (Yellow Border) x1
    One-Stop Silk Screen (Gray border) x1
    Dots (Black net & Black solid) x2
    Fingers(Black net & Black solid) x2
    Carrying bag x1

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Godox Scrim Flag Kit SF6090

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