Godox Pro Beauty Dish 55cm (White, 21.3″) with Grid & Diffuser

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Key Features
  • Low-Contrast Effect
  • Soft Highlights, Slip-On Diffuser
  • Bowens Mount
  • Center Deflector

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This Pro Beauty Dish from Godox bounces the light off a centrally-positioned deflector and is directed to fill its white reflector interior. The result is a low-contrast effect with soft highlights that can be made even softer with the included slip-on diffuser.

Material: All metal Aluminum
Center dome reflects light into main dish for diffused light, Great Alternative to a softbox
Interior of dish is White.
Comes with honeycomb. It’s easily removed, attached by 3 metal clips.
Comes with elastic soft white cover/diffuser sock.
Net Weight: 2.65kg
Dish Diameter: 55cm / 22″
Bowens Mount
1 x 55cm / 22″ White Beauty Dish
1 x Honeycomb Grid
1 x White Diffuser Sock

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 cm

Godox Pro Beauty Dish 55cm (White, 21.3") with Grid & Diffuser

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