DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal

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Key Features
– Designed for Mirrorless Cameras
– Lightweight Design, up to 4.4 lb (2KG) Payload
– Wireless Camera Control via Bluetooth
– 1.4″ Full Color Touchscreen
– Horizontal & Vertical Modes
– 3rd Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm
– 2450mAh Battery, 10-Hour Runtime
– Panorama, Timelapse & Tracking Functions
– NATO Rail for Handles & Accessories
– Includes Extended Grip/Tripod

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DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal

The first-ever Mini version in the RS series, DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal is a small, lightweight handheld stabilizer with a powerful payload capacity. It supports mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations and inherits the excellent stabilization performance of the RS 3 series. With DJI RS 3 Mini, unleash your shooting potential and achieve effortless professional creation.

A Breakthrough in a Compact Body

RS 3 Mini adopts an innovative redesign that includes a smaller build, integrated battery, and native vertical shooting capability. The compact and portable body can easily fit into a shoulder bag, allowing you to travel light. When in use, RS 3 Mini is about half the size of the RS 3 Pro, making it more convenient for long-duration use.

Super Light, Easy to Control

RS 3 Mini weighs only 795 g (1.75 lbs) in Portrait mode, approximately 50% lighter than RS 3 Pro and 40% lighter than RS 3. [1] It weighs only 850 g (1.8 lbs) when shooting with the horizontal plate. Additionally, a concentrated center of balance provides a more stable and ergonomic hand-held experience.

Product Weight in Portrait Mode: 795 g

Product Weight in Horizontal Mode: 850 g

Effortlessly Powerful

RS 3 Mini has a payload capacity of up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs), making it best-in-category at its weight,* letting it easily handle larger setups like a Sony A7S3 + 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens. It supports mainstream full-frame or APS-C mirrorless cameras, enabling a wide range of camera and lens combinations. [2] With high-torque motors, RS 3 Mini can retain stable shooting when zooming to max focal lengths on most lenses without the need for rebalancing.
* As of January 2023.

Professional Stabilization

With the same outstanding 3rd-Gen RS Stabilization algorithm as RS 3 Pro, RS 3 Mini can achieve professional-grade image stabilization. Whether capturing a low-angle shot, or shooting in flashlight mode, your shots stay stable.

Rich Camera Movements

RS 3 Mini’s unique size and features provide ample opportunity to achieve rich camera movements and language. It also reduces the need to re-shoot due to camera shake, allowing you to capture every moment and create with more confidence.

Shooting around human subjects? Leave it to RS 3 Mini to achieve smooth camera movements effortlessly. You don’t need to pay too much attention to footwork and pace.

Compared with fixed-position shooting holding a camera, RS 3 Mini can follow people steadily and switch between high and low angles for a more diverse range of shots.

Dynamic 360°-rotation imaging delivers a strong visual impact and eye-catching shots.

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DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal

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DJI RS3 Mini Gimbal

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