Coman DF06Q5S Video Tripod

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Feoman DF06Q5S Video Tripod

The Coman DF06 is a video / photo tripod with the Q5S video head. The base for the head is easily aligned with the ball function and tilted up to 25°.

Extension up to a height of 1.80 m and weighs only approx. 2.6 kg.
Non-slip rubber feet ensure a secure stand.

For transport, pushing it together to a length of 56 cm and transported in the bag provided.
One leg can be unscrewed to use it as a monopod.

The Coman Q5S that comes with the tripod is a light and compact video head with fluid damping, ideal for DSLR, camcorders or system cameras.

With its 3/8″ connection, it is easy to mount on the tripod. The tilt movement is adjustable between +90° and -70° and can be fixed with a locking knob.

Soft camera movements are possible thanks to adjustable damping. The Q5S is suitable for 360° panoramas. It weighs only 0.9kg.

It comes with a quick release plate compatible with the Manfrotto 501 quick release system.
The Coman DF06 tripod system has a maximum load capacity of 8kg.

Coman favorable DF06Q5S tripod kit 


Video tripod including Q5S video head
One leg acting as a monopod Made
of aluminum
4 sections
Suitable for DSLR, camcorders, system cameras
Non-slip rubber feet
Weight: approx. 2.6kg
Maximum height: 1.80m
Transport length: 56cm
Max. total load: 8kg
Q5 tilt adjustable between +90° and -70°
360° panorama
Built-in spirit level
Quick-release plate compatible with Manfrotto 501

Coman DF06Q5S Video TripodComan DF06Q5S Video TripodComan DF06Q5S Video TripodComan DF06Q5S Video TripodComan DF06Q5S Video Tripod

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 80 cm

Coman DF06Q5S Video Tripod

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