BUDI 9in1 Card Reader

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BUDI 9in1 Card Reader DC536B

BUDI 9in1 Card Reader USB 3.0 TF/SD Type-C with OTG Adapter for iPhone Android and Computer 6971536927571 DC536B

Get the ultimate data storage and reading experience with the multi-functional Buddy Card Reader and Storage Stick. This advanced mobile device gives you exceptional data transfer and storage expansion on your mobile devices.

It features a compact and stylish design that includes ports, three card slots, fifteen card slots, two nano slots, and a mobile phone holder. You can easily transfer files to and from different memory cards such as nano cards with high speed and ease.

The Budi 3.0 Card Reader and Storage Stick Multifunction comes with a 1.5mm thick aluminum casing, which provides superior protection and durability for the device. Additionally, it features a mobile phone holder to hold your phone while using the reader.

Enjoy universal compatibility with modern mobile devices thanks to the USBC 3.0 port, making it ideal for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The Budi- 3.0 Card Reader and Storage Stick Multifunction provides easy and convenient use of storage and data transfer technology on your mobile devices.

Enjoy a multifunctional storage and reading experience with the Buddy Card Reader and Storage Stick designed specifically for mobile devices. Get it now and take advantage of the fast and easy expansion of storage and data transfer on your mobile devices.

OEM customized 9 in 1 Multi functional Cable Stick 6 types usb cable PD cable for gift or travel

When you’re traveling overseas, if you have a local SIM card and no have storage place to place. The budi Multi-functional box can help you and that includes a SIM ejector pin and 2 nano SIM card storage. It might look simple, but is a important assistant to you.

BUDI 9in1 Card Reader
TF Card Memory Reader
When there is no internet, no email access, how do you transfer a file to someone? Budi Multi-functional Cable Stick can read TF memory cards and support both USB or Type C port. And at same time support 7 PCS TF card storage

BUDI 9in1 Card Reader
Phone Cradle
Long flight? Movie? handsfree? One second to set up budi Cable Stick as a phone cradle. that you can watch movie on your phone hands-free

BUDI 9in1 Card Reader

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BUDI 9in1 Card Reader

BUDI 9in1 Card Reader

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