Aputure Lightbox 45x45cm

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 Aputure Lightbox 45x45cm


The Light Box 45×45 is a compact Bowens Mount Square Softbox. Designed with creators, photographers, and filmmakers in mind, the soft light box transforms hard point-source LEDs like the amaran COB 60 series into lightweight soft lights for all forms of content creation, from portraiture to product photography.


Measuring 45×45 (~18x18in) with a depth of only 30cm (12in), this new Light Box is Aputure’s most compact and portable Bowens Mount softbox to date. Its square diffusion area is greater than 1×1 LED panels, resulting in a softer light that works perfectly in any 3-point lighting setup for on-the-go content creation, livestreaming, and photography.


Weighing only 0.68kg (1.5lbs), the Light Box 45×45 is perfect for run-and-gun content creation, shooting in tight spaces, or as an LED photography softbox. For a quick and easy set up, simply pull the soft box out of its included flat-pack carrying bag, connect the 4 rods, and you’re ready to light.


Pair the Light Box 45×45 with the amaran COB 60d or amaran COB 60x . Its matching Handheld Bracket for amaran COB 60d/x to create the ultimate lightweight travel LED kit. This entire handheld lighting kit easily packs into a backpack. So it can accompany you to any location, near or far. Set it up in minutes for a mobile key light or fill light that adapts to your shoot.


The Light Box 45×45 is designed to work in tandem with the many Bowens Mount LED lights. In the Aputure and amaran ecosystem. With its lightweight design and included Bowens Mount speed ring. This soft box pairs excellently with lights ranging from the ultra-compact amaran COB 60d/x to the amaran 100/200 series. Even the Aputure LS 300d II and 300x.


To achieve the perfect soft light for your content. The Light Box 45×45 includes: two diffusion fabrics for different levels of softness (1.5 and 2.5 stop). Every Aputure softbox also includes a 45° fabric control grid to focus the light spread on your subject. Simply attach the grid on top of your diffusion to craft the perfect shot.

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Aputure Lightbox 45x45cm

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