Ambitful MF-01 Boom Arm

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Ambitful MF-01 Boom Arm

Ambitful MF-01 Boom Arm Stainless Steel Heavy Duty 94cm to 232cm with payload up to 12KG and it weighs 4.24KG. 3 section telescopic arm.

Main Features

  • This boom arm is made of stainless steel. Ideal for studio or rental shooting and is ideal for backlights or hair lights
  • A single boom arm can hold up to 12 kg. With a sandbag, the weight of the backpack can be carried out very well. Meet most photography needs
  • Half Round Head Boom arm angle can be easily adjusted
  • The maximum length can be up to 2.33 m. Perfect control for all types of large scenes
  • This is a stable and stable boom arm. Very durable. Basically no to worry about damage
Model MF-01
Material Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy
Workling length 3-7.6FT / 94-232cm
Diameter Φ1/1.18/1.38 inch (25/30/35mm)
Weight 9.3lb / 4.24kg
Size 37 * 7 * 5.1 inch / (94*19*13cm)

Ambitful MF-01 Boom

Ambitful MF-01 Boom

Angle adjustment dial


  • Equipped with a delicate angle adjustment dial, it allows for free adjustment of the boom arm angle, providing 180 degrees of rotation, and making it more convenient to use.


Easy to connect with a C-stand


  • The firm locking interface connects to a C-stand, where the crossbar inserts and tightened to make the equipment sturdy and stable.


Locking module with shock ring


  • The all-metal locking module, together with the shock ring at the connection point, can effectively protect the lighting fixture.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 45 cm


Ambitful MF-01 Boom Arm

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