Ambitful Al-2 Multi-function reflector holder

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Multifunction: Dual-purpose retractable reflector bracket.Can be used as a reflector bracket, reinforcement threads can be used to support flash, ring lights, video lights, etc.

Telescopic Length: With its length 21.65 inches and fully extended length 53.15 inches.Strong and durable that it can be hold large size photo reflectors.

Heavy Construction: reflector Holder is made of aluminum alloy casting.It is with reliable load capacity,making you feel free while shooting.

360-Degree Rotation: Can be rotated 360-degree, bringing you splendid user experience.


  • 1. The telescopic size is 55-135cm, which allows you to have larger reflectors to meet your daily needs.
  • 2. 360 degree rotation, gently adjust to improve your photography experience.
  • 3. The top is equipped with a 1/4 screw head. As a reflector clip, it can be equipped with accessories such as a flash, which is more expandable.
  • 4. Sturdy aluminum alloy for higher strength and durability.
  • 5. Head metal reinforcement, bearing capacity up to 5kg.


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Bearing capacity: 2kg
  • Self weight: 0.5kg
  • Pipe diameter: 15/19/22mm
  • Telescopic length: 21.65-53.15inch(55-135cm)
  • Storage length:21.65inch(55cm)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Reflector Holder Arm

Ambitful Al-2 Multi-function reflector holder

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