Accsoon SeeMo iOS/HDMI Adapter

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Accsoon SeeMo iOS/HDMI Adapter


Accsoon SeeMo iOS/HDMI Adapter transforms your iPhone or iPad into a professional HDMI monitor with Streaming Capability

The world’s first affordable professional HDMI adapter for iOS connects via Lightning or USB-C

It’s no secret that iPhones and iPads have the best small screens in the business, far superior to those found on regular on-camera video monitors. Now, thanks to SeeMo from Accsoon, you can finally connect your camera or other HD HDMI source to your iPhone or iPad and use it as a high-grade monitor. Better still, by using the free Accsoon SEE iOS app it has all the functions a professional demands – right at your fingertips.

The best monitor right in your pocket

SeeMo is perfect for the filmmaker on the go. If you want the smallest, lightest monitor setup that works equally well with handheld cameras, gimbals or in your creator studio then this is it.

Snap your iPhone into the SeeMo and it is transformed in seconds – there’s no need to carry around an extra monitor anymore. The SeeMo is small and measures 50mm x 39mm x 80mm. It’s attached via a built-in clamp that accommodates all recent iPhones. Connect your iPhone to SeeMo using the included right-angle Lightning to USB-C cable, and your camera to SeeMo using a HDMI cable It’s that simple.

SeeMo is powered by rechargeable Sony NP-F type batteries that are widely available. Once attached the battery then not only powers the SeeMo – it also maintains charge on the iPhone at the same time. A single NP-F 970 type battery can last up to 8 hours. A useful 5V 2A USB-C output port on the side of the SeeMo allows powering of devices like microphones or small on-camera lights.

Livestream from anywhere, anytime

In addition to monitoring, SeeMo can also stream HD video directly to popular streaming platforms like YouTube from your camera, mixer or other HDMI source. All this without the need for a cumbersome laptop or extra boxes, right from wherever you are. Use it to livestream your travels, gym classes, your university lectures, parties, or weddings from your camera in HD quality. Setup is simple and the SeeMo uses either the iOS device’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection to stream at up to 1080P 60fps.

Record on your phone for instant sharing

The SeeMo can also record a H.264 HD video direct from your camera to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll. Optimized for size and convenience these files are 30Mbps variable bitrate in 8-bit. This makes instant sharing of clips for social media from your camera much easier. You can also use this as a backup to your main footage on your camera. Use them to edit videos when time is of the essence.

The latest screen technology

Adding a SeeMo and utilizing the stunning Retina display on the phone gives you a clear bright view of what your camera is seeing, all with a screen that is larger and far higher resolution than the in-built camera screen. The color reproduction, brightness and resolution of iPhones is always first class. Images are crisper and cleaner, with super high pixel density where the eye can no longer detect individual pixels. Unlike regular monitors, iPhones and iPads benefit from the very latest screen technology and improve yearly.

A pro grade monitor for anyone, any time

Now iPhone users no longer need to fear out of focus, poorly composed and poorly exposed shoots> when using only their mirrorless camera or DSLR to shoot video.

To precisely check focus, simply tap the iPhone screen and you can instantly magnify the image. Another tap and you can bring up waveforms or zebras to judge exposure. Removing the lingering doubt that something wasn’t quite set right.

Flip your iPhone around and it’s the perfect way to keep yourself perfectly framed while vlogging. Want to fine tune your composition? Simply pull up a grid overlay to help line things up and keep horizons level.

On your iPad too

Need a larger monitor? Connect a recent iPad or iPad Pro to the SeeMo using Accsoon PowerCage. You have built a pro-grade director’s monitor with all the same great app tools.

Accsoon’s has been working hard to make SeeMo a reality. No small task as it uses all new hardware with a dedicated app that was built from the ground up. The result is a cuttin-edge HDMI adapter for iOS that connects via Lightning or USB-C cable. It is MFi certified for guaranteed operation. The SeeMo has a new industrial design that is modern and elegant with rounded edges.

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Accsoon SeeMo iOS/HDMI Adapter

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