3PCS Geometric Cube Photo Props Set, Hard Foam

2.000 BHD3.000 BHD

– Craft Foam Block, 3 pcs per set (Purple is 2 pcs)
– Waterproof ,easy to clear if dirty
– Light -weight and durable
– Jewelry & Product photography props
– Photo props for Cosmetics
– Paint it with any color you like

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  • Meet Your Needs: 3 cubes of different sizes (Except purple only 2) and shapes will meet most of photography needs, their size ranges from 2” to 7”.
  • Well-made and Durable: High-quality polymer foam are used for enough durability and thickness, no seam, no deformation.
  • Light-weight and Waterproof: Light weight is convenient to carry, waterproof material can be directly washed with water.
  • Wide Application: Props for goods and gadgets photography, such as lipstick, jewelry, cosmetics, makeup tools, watches, food, etc. Please note that the foaming process may result in the presence of some very small bubble holes, but it does not affect the use and photography.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm
Colour | اللون


3PCS Geometric Cube Photo Props Set, Hard Foam

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