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      • 65.000 BHD

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        Key Features

        • G-Capsule series is the world’s first All-in-One panorama light softbox with patents that feartures four modes: Softbox, Grid, Beauty Dish and Lantern.
        • Shoot-through umbrella combines with softbox and grid and allows for many uses
        • Integrated Magnetic Gel Filter Holder with 4 Color Gel Filter allows for simple gel use and unlimited color combos
        • “ONE Push Release” Unlock Button for easy take-down.
        • Uses Phottix’s Heat resistant SL Tech material
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        51.000 BHD

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        Softboxes are a must-have light shaper. Want to harness light, bend it to your will and make it your servant? Nothing is better than a softbox. They provide for countless looks and possibilities – making your photographic potential limitless. The Phottix Raja series features: Heavy-duty construction Uses Phottix’s Heat resistant […]